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SubjectRe: inconsistent xconfig menu for "Wirless LAN (non-hamradio)"
On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, John Bradford wrote:

> > anyway, you the idea -- for my poor, little LinkSys WFC-11 card,
> > there are too many selections in that menu that seem to apply to me,
> > some of which should be more tightly related, or subsumed in a
> > submenu.
> The *best* thing to do is to make the help text more helpful, because
> that way it explains the configuration to the user, instead of just
> doing it for them.

i'll certainly agree about the help text being more helpful, but that
doesn't completely obviate the need for making the options more clear.
and in particular, regarding the example i gave for my linksys --
it's hard to justify one option which implies that another option
*must* be selected in conjunction with it, but forcing the user to
do that manually, anyway.


p.s. i'm starting to feel a little awkward here, being a kernel
newbie and never having contributed any real code or patches,
amongst this many people who hack kernel internals in their

but having built a kernel or two (or a couple hundred, actually),
i'm really obsessed with a friendly user interface and intuitive
layout of the config process.

if there is somewhere else i should take this, by all means,
i don't want to take up any more time on this topic than i already
have, since i'm sure it's boring lots of people to tears.

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