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SubjectRE: Honest does not pay here ...
Andre, are you sure you didn't mean to post this April 1?  Unfortunately
I think not, and so this marks a truly sad day for every current and
future Linux user. One of my favorite past times is programming. I
guess I read the linux-kernel daily because it's like reading from the
book of Programming God's. I have such great respect for you and so
many others here. There is only so much whining a person can take, I
understand that. I assume you do this because you enjoy doing it.
Please don't listen to the whiner's; they don't speak for those of us
that really care. I know you don't know me, and I rarely post here
(because I have nothing to contribute usually), but I am someone that
has truly appreciated the work you've done.


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[] On Behalf Of Andre Hedrick
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 8:12 AM
Subject: Honest does not pay here ...

Well, all this goes to show you is that if you try to do the right thing
and you have something of value, you are attacked.

I have enjoyed begin called everything from a turncoat, backstabber,
cheater, liar, theif, weasle.

I guess I should not have said anything, and behaved like the rest.

You know the embedded, the appliance, etc ... resellers who we all know
close up the code and ship for commerial reasons. Funny how they can do
it and nobody cares or they hide with a grin screaming NIMBY NIMBY.
Everyone is doing it and everyone looks away.

Best of all some of the worst name callers are the ones who use the code
wrote to enable them to make money. Yet if you have something which
not exist in the kernel and you adopt an API to use kernel calls, you
branded and hated.

It could not have happened to a nicer loser, "fill in the blank" ...

Well you all have gotten all kinds of goodie for free, and I just want
keep one of my pieces of hard work that was created during the time I
booted out.

Well I was thinking of giving part of it to the community after I
recovered my costs of development, now I think not.

At least I have the integrity to state clearly my intentions, while the
rest hide and cower in corners. This reminds me of a bucket of crabs.

Well I really wanted to use every dirty word in the book, but it is not
worth it.

I will plan to put "" and "" up for sale.
Additionally I will try to arrange for a legal transfer of the NDA's
attached to "Linux ATA Development" to the individual or group who wish
purchase the access, pays all legal fees/work to to complete the
I wisely attached any and all NDA's to the fore mentioned organization.

If you are interested, please contact me offline.
Please also have the means to purchase the information to be transferred
which is not covered by any of the NDA's. This will include various
pieces of IP which was scheduled to be transfered to the kernel, but now
will only be for sale as an entire package.

The transaction for purchase will be executed via a wire transfer of
to a specified account, once cleared it you will receive a manifest.



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