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SubjectRe: 2.5.54-mm3
On Sat, 04 Jan 2003 01:00:38 +0000, Andrew Morton wrote:

> Filesystem mount and unmount is a problem. Probably, this will not be
> addressed. People who have specialised latency requirements should avoid
> using automounters and those gadgets which poll CDROMs for insertion events.

That don't work in .54 and I'd likem to have my automounter
functioning again. Oh well it *is* 2.5.

> This work has broken the shared pagetable patch - it touches the same code
> in many places. I shall put Humpty together again, but will not be
> including it for some time. This is because there may be bugs in this
> patch series which are accidentally fixed in the shared pagetable patch. So
> shared pagetables will be reintegrated when these changes have had sufficient
> testing.

Also for some reason I always have to do a "touch /fastboot" and boot in
rw mode to boot the kernel. The kernel fails on remouting fs in r-w mode.
X also don't work saying /dev/agpgart don't exist even though it does and
I saw it. agpgart module is loaded..maybe it would work as built into the
kernel? .config attached.


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