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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, Marco Monteiro wrote:

> You make software. You have a business model, to make money, where you
> sell software. The software that you sell is NOT Free. Imagine, now,
> that you change the business model, continuing to make money, where the
> software you produce is Free. Wouldn't it be better?

Are you volunteering to set up such a business for Andre, or
are you just doing vague ideological handwaving ?

Andre does release his software eventually, after he has
recovered the development costs. This is a lot more than
what most developers do and I am thankful that Andre's
business model means both an income for him and high quality
free software drivers.

> You understand now why I say that Free Software is good and non-Free
> Software is bad?

No, you haven't told us why.

> I'm a pacifist. If I where called to fight, I would not do it.

Does that also mean that if somebody called on you to do what
you're asking others to do (create free software while earning
money with it), you wouldn't do it ?

> The same with Free Software. I believe in Free Software, I think that
> every body should make their software Free. Maybe I'm just an asshole,

So you're asking, in the name of freedom, that other people should
limit their freedom ?

I wouldn't call it idealism, I call it hypocricy.

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