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SubjectRe: [BENCHMARK] Lmbench 2.5.54-mm2 (impressive improvements)

On Sat, 4 Jan 2003, Andrew Morton wrote:
> >
> > Hmm.. The backup patch doesn't handle single-stepping correctly: the
> > eflags cleanup singlestep patch later in the sysenter sequence _depends_
> > on the stack (and thus thread) being right on the very first in-kernel
> > instruction.
> Well that's just a straight `patch -R' of the patch which added the wrmsr's.

Yes, but the breakage comes laterr when a subsequent patch in the
2.5.53->54 stuff started depending on the stack location being stable even
on the first instruction.

> > It doesn't show up on lmbench (insufficient precision), but your AIM9
> > numbers are quite interesting. Are they stable?
> Seem to be, but more work is needed, including oprofiling. Andi is doing
> some P4 testing at present.



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