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I just compiled 2.4.20 with MODVERSIONS set, and all th ekernel symbols
came out as (according to /proc/ksyms)


(for example). and the modules themselves are clean. No suffixes
on the symbol names, of any kind.

I couldn't load any modules, of course, not even with insmod -f.
The modules themselves depmod'ed fine against the

Does anyone recognize this symptom? I presume it's a messed up binutils
or modutils. I did have to update binutils for some recent 2.5 kernels,
and I vaguely recall some warnings ...

ii binutils The GNU assembler, linker and binary utiliti
ii util-linux 2.11b-4 Miscellaneous system utilities.
ii gcc 2.95.2-13.1 The GNU C compiler.
ii modutils 2.4.15-1 Linux module utilities.

I'll move gcc up to 2.95.3, but I don't think that should impact,
should it ..?

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