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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in non-free drivers?
	    Defending shrink wrap licensing agreements, arguing to weaken fair use and 
first sale doctrines, and arguing that if you include a header it's a derived
work is a strange way to defend intellectual freedom.

Those are not my views. Are you confusing me with someone else?

>If open source is so good, companies with closed source products will

Yes, even without being coerced and pressured to do so by restrictive

The Open Source Movement says that will happen; when it does, that's
good, but if we had relied on that to give us freedom, we wouldn't
have any free operating systems today.

In the Free Software Movement we think freedom is worth working for.
If companies don't choose to respect our freedom, we don't cite that
and say "it's hopeless" and we don't say that makes non-freedom ok.
We write free replacements and build freedom for ourselves--and for

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