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SubjectRe: 2.5.54-mm3
Steven Barnhart wrote:
> > autofsv4 has been working fine across the 2.5 series. You'll need to
> > send a (much) better report.
> I don't really know what the problem is..everything seems to be working
> right except when it goes to mount the system from ro mode to rw mode.
> Therefore well everything goes down hill after that. I looked through the
> /var/log/messages and all those files but nothing specific to the problem.
> If I disable fsck and append rw mode kernel boots fine. One minor note, boot
> also fails during Mounting other filesystems and gives the typical mount
> error about bad superblock, or to many mounted filesystems. My .config was
> attached before(?) and that's all I have..anything paticular you are looking
> for?

Your .config was not attached.

There is a devfs mounting problem in 2.5.54. If you're using devfs
you may find that
will help

> > You could try statically linking it, yes. More details are needed,
> > such as a description of what hardware you have and what driver you're
> > using.
> I have a i810 Intel graphics card/motherboard, intel celeron 1.06 GHz
> processor, and agp 3 enabled, could that be the problem? I have enabled the
> intel i810 driver in the graphics area as you can see in the .config. The
> intel driver seems to be enabled fine as in the Xfree/GDM log it says
> something about Intel. Only error is it can't find device /dev/agpgart even
> though it *is* there. Any more info you would need?

The device node exists in /dev. It sounds like no kernel driver
has registered itself against tht node's major/minor. Make really
sure that you have compiled the appropriate driver for your hardware;
things may have changed. All else fails, send lspci and dmesg output
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