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SubjectRe: kobject_init() sets kobj->subsys wrong?
> Your recent patch creating find_bus("scsi") always returns NULL.  I see
> that's because bus_subsys.list is empty.

In kobject_add(), with kobj->subsys = NULL, this kobject (embedded inside
struct subsystem embedded inside struct bus_type) never gets added to
either it's parent's list, nor to the (NULL) subsystem's list. It appears
that the object can be on either a parent's list or a subsystem's list,
but not both, by virtue of there being only one struct list_head entry in
struct kobject.

You're far more versed in how this should work than I. Some ideas...

1) in bus_register(), don't set bus->subsys.parent = &bus_subsys, instead
set bus->subsys.kobj.subsys = &bus_subsys. I did this, and now find_bus()
works as expected, but now the busses created don't have parents unless
they're specified prior to calling bus_register(), so this doesn't seem
quite right.

===== linux-2.5-edd-work/drivers/base/bus.c 1.26 vs edited =====
--- 1.26/drivers/base/bus.c Sun Dec 1 23:22:04 2002
+++ edited/linux-2.5-edd-work/drivers/base/bus.c Sat Jan 4 13:58:31 2003
@@ -495,7 +520,7 @@

- bus->subsys.parent = &bus_subsys;
+ bus->subsys.kobj.subsys = &bus_subsys;


2) set both bus->subsys.parent and bus->subsys.kobj.subsys, but then fix
the test in kobject_add() to put the object on the subsystem's list if
possible, then fall back to the parent list otherwise. Again, doesn't
seem quite right.

3) Add another struct list_head to kobject to let it reside on both a
parent list and a subsystem list if either exist.

There are probably other options. Please advise.


Matt Domsch
Sr. Software Engineer, Lead Engineer, Architect
Dell Linux Solutions
Linux on Dell mailing lists @

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