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SubjectRe: [RFC] irq handling code consolidation, second try (ppc part)

On 4 Jan 2003, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> The "easy" way here to implement that is to make the irq_desc array larger than
> NR_IRQs (or rather split NR_IRQs into NR_SYS_IRQS + NR_DYNAMIC_IRQS). The
> additional "slots" could then easily be allocated/freed. Thus, keeping my
> cardbus example, the cardbus driver can allocate a couple of slots (that is IRQ
> numbers) dynamically, and use it's own startup/shutdown/enable/disable/...
> hooks for them, dealing itself with the cascade from the PCI irq.

Linearizing a space like this is always a bad idea, I think.

It would be entirely possible to just add the irq routing information to
the "struct device" tree, and have a "dev_request_irq(dev, ...)", along
with a few helper functions like "pci_request_irq(pci_dev, ...)".

And the old "request_irq()" would just use the system root device as the


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