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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.59 morse code panics
>  > A lot of newer laptops do not have serial ports.
> so use something sensible like a crashdump to floppy.

A lot of newer laptops do not have floppy drives :-)

Seriously, though, I agree that morse isn't the most ideal way to get
data out of a crashed system.

> > While morse code may
> > be a little silly the general purpose hook it needs to be done
> > cleanly is considerably more useful
> sure. things like lkcd,netconsole etc could all use that
> infrastructure. The beyond-silly bit was the 'other machine
> to decode morse' argument.

Depends on how good your morse is, I suppose, I wouldn't really want
to decode a oops from morse by ear.

> > The exact method that a crashed machine, in a rack, in a datacentre,
> > miles away from me, contacts me to let me know something is wrong
> > doesn't matter, but if a member of the datacentre staff can get a
> > detailed message to me, so much the better than just having the box
> > rebooted. On the other hand, I don't actually want to have to listen
> > to ten minutes of morse code over the phone when another box could do
> > it for me.
> That must be a pretty quiet datacentre. And what happens when more than
> one box starts beeping ?

OK, point taken, that *was* a beyond-silly suggestion :-)

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