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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.59 morse code panics
On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:05:41 GMT, Dave Jones said:

> So go see Ingo's netconsole. (Which admittedly only supports certain
> net drivers). Or one of the crashdump facilities. All of which is far more
> reliable and useful than sitting there with a microphone.

If I don't have a second box to run a serial cable to, I probably don't have
a second box to run cat5 to, so netconsole probably doesn't do me any good.

crashdump might be usable, I'll have to look...

> There's no reason to trust morse panic output more than console output.
> If something has scribbled over kernel space memory, you're screwed
> anyway. It's hit or miss whether your panic-method-de-jour has been
> stomped on.

The real solution is probably to get Ingo's netconsole, the morse-panic patch,
the current serial-console support, and abstract it all into some
infrastructure with output hooks - netconsole, serial, morse, whatever.

But we're alledgedly in a feature freeze, so that's a 2.7-ish I guess...
Valdis Kletnieks
Computer Systems Senior Engineer
Virginia Tech

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