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SubjectRE: [PATCH] 2.5.59 morse code panics
John Bradford wrote:
>> Actually the Soundblaster idea might not be so funny as it originally
>> sounds, (pun intended :-) ), because if you've got another machine
>> nearby, with a microphone, you could actually turn up the volume, and
>> de-code the morse on the other box.

And Dave Jones replied:
> Or you could put down the crackpipe and run a serial console between
> the two boxes. Or even netconsole would make more sense
> (and be a lot more reliable).

Oh, come now, Dave; be nice! This is fun stuff.

A voice synthesizer would be even better than morse code.

"I'm sorry Dave. I can't boot."

Think Hal 9000, from 2001/2010! The kernel could detect a sound card at
boot, and then tell us what broke. Very 22nd century, if you ask me.

If sound is broken or nonexistent, we could fall back to Morse! Or electric
shocks via a serial connection! The possibilities are endless.

...Scott (Who thinks people here are much too serious sometimes)

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