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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.21-pre4
hmm.. how about - DT9011 doesn't mean crap to any one..  DT0893 is printed in big clear letters on it.

this is what things like kmix (from kde) uses to indicate sound card.

so put both on it.


Martin K. Petersen wrote:
>>>>>>"Thomas" == Thomas Davis <> writes:
>>>What does it say on the codec chip? Is that the DT9011?
> Thomas> yup, in itty bitty print.
> In that case I'd suggest the following:
--- linux-2.4.21-pre2/drivers/sound/ac97_codec.c Tue Dec 24 15:37:53 2002
+++ linux-2.4.20-ac1/drivers/sound/ac97_codec.c Fri Dec 6 00:07:04 2002
@@ -133,6 +133,7 @@
{0x43525931, "Cirrus Logic CS4299 rev A", &crystal_digital_ops},
{0x43525933, "Cirrus Logic CS4299 rev C", &crystal_digital_ops},
{0x43525934, "Cirrus Logic CS4299 rev D", &crystal_digital_ops},
+ {0x44543031, "Diamond Technologies DT0893/DT9011", &null_ops},
{0x45838308, "ESS Allegro ES1988", &null_ops},
{0x49434511, "ICE1232", &null_ops}, /* I hope --jk */
{0x4e534331, "National Semiconductor LM4549", &null_ops},

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