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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.59 morse code panics
On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 13:22:21 GMT, Dave Jones said:

> Or you could put down the crackpipe and run a serial console between
> the two boxes. Or even netconsole would make more sense
> (and be a lot more reliable).

There's a classic Monty Python skit where John Cleese is organizing an
expedition to build a bridge between the two peaks of Mt Kilamanjaro.

I have to do most of my kernel hacking at home, on my own time. So I'm
sitting there with a laptop and no second machine. Now, if the intent is
to say "Don't bother doing anything that might require debugging unless you
can afford 2 machines", that's OK - but let's be open about that requirement.
And has been pointed out, some laptops don't even *HAVE* a serial port.

There's a *REASON* that IBM RS/6K boxes have at least a little 3-digit LED
display - during boot or a panic, even if you can't trust the console drivers
anymore, you can still output *something*.

Valdis Kletnieks
Computer Systems Senior Engineer
Virginia Tech

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