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Subjectyenta-cardbus IRQ0
i have been trying to set up a cardbus card on my thinkpad 760ED for about 
the last month and it keeps coming up with IRQ0 and telling me it cant find a
irq for pin A. what would be causing this and how do I correct it i have
already tried APCI and it does not work on my laptop so that is no help. I
have compiled SMP into the kernel though I dont have a dual processor (of
course) to gain the added functionality. I have recompiled my kernel about
150 times with different setting hoping it might just be a conflict in the
kernel with no luck. I looked at the yenta driver it's self and noticed that
it accepts IRQ0 as a valid irq but that appears to mean no irq at all. which
config file would i use to force it to set a irq?

Thanx for any assistanc you might give

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