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SubjectRE: Perl in the toolchain
> Write a perl interpreter in Python!
> of course, to avoid merely moving the problem, Python then would be
> implemented in a bash script ...

Or we could just use Parrot, and be done with it!

Seriously: While Perl's faults may be in the eyes of its beholders, the real
point here is complicating the build environment for the kernel.

As a fundamental piece of portable software, the kernel should build in a
minimal environment. Perl may indeed be a good choice for text munging --
but it is not the only choice, and using it adds yet another requirement to
the kernel build environment.

Minimizing the build environment simple is a valid requirement for selecting
a tool.


Scott Robert Ladd
Coyote Gulch Productions (
Professional programming for science and engineering;
Interesting and unusual bits of very free code.

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