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SubjectRe: Perl in the toolchain

On 2003.02.01 Roman Zippel wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, J.A. Magallon wrote:
> > The easies way (from my point of view): write Perl::KConfig in C to do the logic
> > hard work and build the big thing in perl. That will be putting a perl
> > interface on top of klibc ?
> You gain _nothing_ by rewritting it in perl. The backend is already a
> library and a swig interface file exists, so it's already trivial to
> generate Perl::KConfig. There is absolutely no reason to force people to
> use perl.

No, that was exactly what I tried to say, take nowadays C library, and build
a loadable module for perl (it has not to be written in perl).

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