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Subject[OSDL][BENCHMARK] OSDL-DBT-2 - 2.4 vs 2.5 4-way/8-way with vmstat

As Andrew requested, we now have posted DBT-2 results with vmstat
data included for the 8-way workloads we reported previously.
Runs have been included from both the cached and non-cached variants
of the workload. The 8-way results used the same database cache
size setting (2656M).

In addition, we have results for DBT-2 running on STP for the cached workload
comparing 2.4.18 versus 2.5.54dcl (the Data Center Linux kernel). In these
runs we varied the database cache size setting (LM=2031MB, MM=2344MB,

Summary of results (Higher Metric is better)

CPUs OS Load Memory Metric (Avg)
---- --- ---- ------ ------------

8way 2.4 Cached HM--- 4475.45
8way 2.5 Cached HM--- 5063.5
% speedup 2.5vs2.4----- 13.1 <---

8way 2.4 NonCached HM 1414.18
8way 2.5 NonCached HM 1659.8
% speedup 2.5vs2.4----- 17.4 <---

4way 2.4 Cached LM----2784.4
4way 2.5 Cached LM----2941
% speedup 2.5vs2.4---- 5.62 <---

4way 2.4 Cached MM----2786.2
4way 2.5 Cached MM----2939.8
% speedup 2.5vs2.4----- 5.51 <---

4way 2.4 Cached HM----2786
4way 2.5 Cached HM----2947.2
% speedup 2.5vs2.4----- 5.79 <---

Here are some highlights/comments:

Both the 4 way runs and the 8-way runs show improvement going from
2.4 to 2.5. The improvement is larger for the 8-way run. We believe
the 2.5 4-way would have improved more if it had not hit a CPU wall.
Observe the plot of vmstat percent user data at :

From the data and the plots, you will notice a big change about
every 10 minutes. That is the time the database does a "savepoint".
It writes dirty pages to the database files. This happened in the
cached runs and the non-cached runs.

We welcome your comments on why we are seeing this improvement.
As, always we also welcome suggestions for improvement, and random complaints.


Mary Edie Meredith
Mark Wong
Cliff White

OSDL Database Test 2 Project
Open Source Development Lab

Link information:

The overall results page for the DBT-2 project is at:

direct link to 4 way results page:

direct link to 8 way results page:
direct link to 8way results page

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