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SubjectPerl in the toolchain
Kai, what's your opinion? I suspect you missed my posing to l-k

-- Pete

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 14:53:59 +0100
From: Konrad Eisele <>
To: "PeteZaitcev" <>
Subject: Adding sparc-leon linux to sourcetree

There is also one change I have made on the buildsystem. Because I'm using some
perl inline scripts in the $cmd_xxx the >'< and >$< signs in the inline perl scripts
cause trouble (perl -e '...$x=....'), the >'< because of the echo command, the >$< when
rereading from the xxx..cmd files. Could this be applied to the original file?


# ===========================================================================
# Generic stuff
# ===========================================================================

# function to only execute the passed command if necessary
# the ' -> '\'' and $ to $$ substitution are done if $(cmd_$(1)) includes a inline perlscript

if_changed = $(if $(strip $? \
$(filter-out $(cmd_$(1)),$(cmd_$@))\
$(filter-out $(cmd_$@),$(cmd_$(1)))),\
@set -e; \
$(if $($(quiet)cmd_$(1)),echo ' $(subst ','\'',$($(quiet)cmd_$(1)))';) \
$(cmd_$(1)); \
echo 'cmd_$@ := $(subst $$,$$$$,$(subst ','\'',$(cmd_$(1))))' > $(@D)/.$(@F).cmd)

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