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SubjectRe: [CHECKER] 87 potential array bounds error/buffer overruns in 2.5.53
> These (potential) reported errors are unfixed:
> 1 | /sound/sb_card.c

The original message said:
[BUG] what if the for loop above ends with i = 0?
ERROR:BUFFER:890:890:Array bounds error (off < 0) (sb_isapnp_list[i],
max(off) = -1)

if(!first || !reverse)
i = isapnpjump;
first = 0;

Error --->
while(sb_isapnp_list[i].card_vendor != 0) {
static struct pci_bus *bus = NULL;

while ((bus = isapnp_find_card(

(Hopefully) Relevant loop:
/* Count entries in sb_isapnp_list */
for (i = 0; sb_isapnp_list[i].card_vendor != 0; i++);

The loop will never end with i=0 unless the card list is
empty. And what use would a driver with an empty card list be? (so that
will never happen. Maybee the checker won't trigger if the cardlist is
marked as "const"? I vote for this to be marked as a non-bug, but
someone else should probably check it too.)

-- Andreas Henriksson
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