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SubjectRe: Secure usage of netfilter hooks
On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 17:33, Abhishek Singh wrote:
> Is it possible for a netfilter hook registered during module insertion
> time to be removed by a userspace application (such as iptables) without
> the insertion of a new module?

Yeah, remove all rules using it and rmmod the module.

> What I am trying to do is implement a hook for secure packet processing
> using netfilter. If however an attacker can remove this hook without
> inserting a new module or compromising the kernel in some way then the
> security level of this hook is compromised.

You gotta be root to manipulate iptables. If a user could manipulate ANY
iptables rules security would already be compromised because any user
could fuck with firewall rules.


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