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SubjectRe: Bootscreen
Balram Adlakha wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 January 2003 20:16, you wrote:
> > Yeah, dude, let's dumb down our users... don't allow them
> > to become curious and start learning.
> >
> > Grown up, mature people are scared when they see letters
> > and numbers on the screen? On what planet am I?
> >
> > And if someone *is* scared and totally non-curious, well...
> > do you want to have such a user? /me not.
> yes they do get scared!!!

Instruct tech support to
tell the user to not waste his (or the companys) time staring at
the booting pc. He should do something useful like reading snail mail or
cleaning up his desk. The login window appear soon enough and then
the user forgets about that strange text. The only time you
get a worried user reading the text is when the machine
actually hang and leave the text long enough for him to read.
And then the messages _will_ be useful for support.

_Scared_ by _text_? Sure. The first time. And perhaps the
next time. And then it is just one of lifes little oddities,
"the pc pukes some boring text while starting up, nothing
exciting about that, I can login and start working faster than the
other guys anyway."

> Alright I guess they are not mature...
> So 95% of all people are not mature...
> So linux is only for the remaining 5%?

Hey, I turned on the pc, and some lights lit up!
- The power led?
Some of them were RED! I'm scared!...

Helge Hafting
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