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SubjectSCSI recommends rewrite -- how?

I've been getting the following error message turn up in my syslogs
at irregular intervals (a couple a week):

Jan 3 06:29:37 vlad kernel: Info fld=0x49c21c, Current sd08:18: sense key Recovered Error
Jan 3 06:29:37 vlad kernel: Additional sense indicates Recovered data without ecc - recommend rewrite

The Info fld=... value changes.

Two questions:

- If I read Documentation/devices.txt correctly, this would appear to
be the second SCSI disk, second [primary] partition. This is a
problem, since that partition doesn't exist -- there's a single
primary partition on that drive, containing 4 logical partitions.

- Secondly, how can I identify the relevant bit of the disk that
wants rewriting? Is the fld=0x... the offset on the drive, or the
partition, or what?


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