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SubjectRE: Kernel module version support.
Hi Rusty
Thanks for your rapid responding.

And as you are the maintainer of kernel module support, I would like to know
you think about export some APIs for geting a specified module structure's
Just like:
struct module *get_module(const char *name)
struct module *mod;
mod = find_module(name);
return mod;

This function will be useful when we use Kprobes to place probes into a
kernel module.
We could get the base address of the module's .text section througn this
module structure's
pointer, hence we could place the kernel probe on any instruction we wanted.

Thanks a lot.

Your Sincerely,
Stanley Wang

SW Engineer, Intel Corporation.
Intel China Software Lab.
Tel: 021-52574545 ext. 1171
iNet: 8-752-1171

Opinions expressed are those of the author and do not represent Intel
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