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SubjectRe: odd phenomenon.
Dave Jones wrote:
> Something strange I've noticed on all recent 2.4 and 2.5 kernels.
> If I start galeon whilst I've got a bk pull in operation, the
> galeon process starts, opens its window, and then dies instantly.
> Starting it a second time works.
> Its not OOM, as theres plenty of free RAM, and half gig of free (unused) swap.
> It's almost 100% reproducable here. Only seen it do it on this box
> though which is a P4 with HT, so it could be SMP related..

I used to have a small system with 96M RAM and no swap, only OpenSSH
and bash and some kernel threads were running, when I got a big BK
pull, it would catch sig 11 and die. Maybe this is unrelated.
Indeed, at first I had only 64M RAM installed, only after some sig
11, had I got more RAM installed. But this probably has nothing to
do with your situation.

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