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SubjectRE: [2.5.54] OOPS: unable to handle kernel paging request
>From: Paul Rolland [] 
>Subject: Re: [2.5.54] OOPS: unable to handle kernel paging request
>Got the same yesterday evening when installing 2.5.54 for the
>first time....
>My second PC which I used for Serial console was not at home,
>so if a console output is needed, people will have to wait for
>the weekend (which is not that far).
>Config was roughly including :
> - Arch = P4, Unipro, APIC
> - CPU Freq scaling
> - ACPI (enum only)
> - TCP (v4 + v6), Netfilter
> - IDE, SCSI (AIC7xxx),
> - Sound (Alsa, EMu10K1),
> - Crypto
>This oops happens at the very early stage of the boot process.
>By that time, only 10 to 15 lines are displayed on the screen
>following the "Booting ...................." stuff.
Check if the processor in your .config matches with the processor that you have.
Eg. Problme might arise if .config file says CONFIG_MPENTIUMIII=y when your processor is P4.
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