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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 10:32:30PM -0500, Richard Stallman wrote:
> We developed the GNU system for the sake of freedom, and freedom is
> what really matters. The GNU/Linux system today is important because
> it offers a road to freedom. But it doesn't guarantee you will arrive
> ...

You don't seem to mind the fact that my freedom to use Linux would be
hampered if you successfully prove that closed source modules for
Linux are illegal.

If open source is so good, companies with closed source products will
change. Have some faith in your own set of ideals and stop trying to
jam it down other peoples' throats.

Here is another factor to consider. Copyrights and patents are all nice
and dandy, but unless you can make a court case that proves that you,
or the 'violated party' is *LOSING MONEY*, the case would likely be
thrown out of court. What money are you losing by nVidia using closed
source modules for their proprietary hardware? nVidia believes it is
protecting its own interests. You believe that they don't deserve this
right, and that any company that doesn't agree with you doesn't deserve
to use Linux.

I can see all the freedom in the air. It is overpowering.


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