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    SubjectRE:Gauntlet Set NOW!


    I do not want your help.
    I do not need your help.
    I would not take your help.
    I would never hire you.
    I will never be an associate of yours.
    I will deal with my customer's needs.

    No, you will not be allowed to be my customer.

    So do you have the balls to step up and sue me ?
    So do you have the balls to step up and sue others like me ?
    So do you have the balls to step up and sue Silicon Valley embedded ?

    Come on big boy, bring it on.

    You wrote a TEN DOLLAR check, with only a PENNY ass to cash it with!

    On Sat, 4 Jan 2003 wrote:

    > If you plan to create a module to allow functions you have created to
    > be used outside the kernel, do. But use only lgpl headers, help legalise
    > the use of proprietary modules, tell you what il help you bugfix the
    > lgpl code, but _remember_ only your f unctions.
    > Dean McEwan, If the drugs don't work, [sarcasm] take more...[/sarcasm].

    See your sig. ??

    Please overdose, and do take it personally.
    I really want you to take it personally.


    Andre Hedrick
    LAD Storage Consulting Group

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