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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?

Putting out the source for a game would be financial suicide. Unlike
(most) corporations, Kids don't understand or care about licenses. The
trouble with digital data as we all know is that it is infinitely
perfectly reproducible. In my industry (games), that includes binaries :(

Of course I and probably many others are moving to a new model for our
games. I'm probably being more radical than most; Open Source client
software. Useless of course without a connection to my server side code :)

It's the first game I've produced that is pirate proof.

Somewhat like Larry's business model I think?

Larry McVoy wrote:
>> While some would argue that this leaves you open to piracy. Let's be
>>honest how many pirates compile anything.
> A prominent open source supporter once told me that "putting software out
> there with any open source license is like putting it out there in the
> public domain".
> The pirates absolutely know how to compile things and they do.

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