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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
I just can't let anything this silly go by.. 

On Fri, 2003-01-03 at 16:19, Marco Monteiro wrote:
> I ask you some questions.
> You make software. You have a business model, to make money, where you
> sell software. The software that you sell is NOT Free. Imagine, now,
> that you change the business model, continuing to make money, where the
> software you produce is Free. Wouldn't it be better?

It'd be even better if you could change the business model so that you
made MORE money without having to even go through the effort of making
software, or even doing much of anything at all. But (as you may
recall) that business model imploded rather dramatically last year or

> In the end, the fundamental question is: Wouldn't it be a better world
> if all software was Free and people continued to make money in other
> ways? You know the advantages and disadvantages of Free Software, so
> answer this question and you will understand my point of view.

Anyone who opens a statement with "wouldn't it be a better world..." has
usually just found another variant on "..if wishing really hard for
something made it come true?" This is no different.

> Of course, I understand your point of view too. You think you can't make
> money any other way other than sell non-Free Software. But maybe, just
> maybe, that is possible, even for those that make games and don't see
> any other possibility.
> You understand now why I say that Free Software is good and non-Free
> Software is bad?

Yep. Because you have wishes and horses confused. (Or, possibly, were
hit on the head recently.) Want to get them detangled? Explain how he
can recoup his millions of dollars worth of game development by giving
it away; don't just say "it'd be swell if you did, and the world would
be better, honest" but say HOW. As in "it'd be swell if you did, and
you can feed your family by <stealing/working in fast food/selling
someone else's game instead/....>"

> I'm a pacifist. If I where called to fight, I would not do it. I would
> not fight for my country, because I don't believe in war, no matter
> what. I believe no one should fight. You may say it is a bad position:
> my country can be invaded, etc. and I must defende it. I say NO, I WILL
> NOT FIGHT. I am convicted that no one should fight and I tell every body
> they should not fight. I tell you: Don't fight. I believe the world
> would be better if there were no wars. Most people would probably say
> that I'm a fool, or maybe a wimp, but that is my philosophy.
> The same with Free Software. I believe in Free Software, I think that
> every body should make their software Free. Maybe I'm just an asshole,
> but if I am, at least, I'm an asshole with convictions. And I'm
> convinced that the world would be a better place if ALL software was
> Free Software.

Um. Heh. I'm gonna leave this to stand, there's very little I can add
that wouldn't reduce its humour.

> --
> Marco Monteiro

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