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SubjectRe: Nvidia and its choice to read the GPL "differently"
At 03:31 PM 1/3/2003 -0500, Richard Stallman wrote:
>A rather misguided person wrote this:
> This is the Linux-kernel list. It deals with
> Linux-kernel issues. It does not deal with
> your continual attempt to claim some sort of
> credit for the work of thousands.
>He wants to give all the credit for the whole system to just one
>person. I'm asking people to give a group of thousands of people
>credit *also*. In which of these two alternatives does one person
>claim credit for the work of thousands? The "Linux" alternative does
>that. If he applied his own criterion even-handedly to these two
>alternatives, he would call the system "GNU/Linux". But he doesn't
>apply it even-handedly; he has led himself to apply a double standard.
>Why does an intelligent person do this? He is clinging to the idea
>that "Linux" is the right name for the system, and that requires
>distorting something. Just as some people insist the Earth is flat,
>or that astrology makes valid predictions, others believe that the
>whole system is Linux. All of them have to find a way to deny or
>ignore the facts in order to go on believing what they believe.
>If you call the system "Linux", you are misinforming other people:
>teaching them a false picture of the system's history. Some of them
>may become so attached to the false picture that it distorts their
>thinking. If you call it "GNU/Linux", this won't happen.

With all due respect Sir, do not address such to me. You know me not.


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