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SubjectPROBLEM: nForce USB Bug!
1. What is the problem : My computer hangs at the loading of USB modules.

2. Description :
My computer hangs precisely when the kernel tries to configure (himself?)
USB devices. I have a Lexmark X75 printern and a Cordless Trackman Wheel
mouse by Logitech. When one of them - or the two - are connected, the kernel
just stops. No kernel panic. When they are disconnected, the kernel works
like a charm.

3. Keywords : None.

4. Kernel version : 2.4.18-14 (from redhat), 2.4.19-16mdk (from mandrake),
2.4.20 (a beautiful home-compiled kernel).

5. Oops? no oops here...

6. Small shell : i can't make one because i don't know how, but also
because... i dont think it would be shellable.

7. Environment
Well since i reverted to windows after that, i'll describe my comp :
Software : Mandrake, RedHat or Slackware alike, it hangs.
Processor Info : AMD AthlonXP 1800+ ±1533 mhz
Module info : ?, but i think its is hub.c or usb.c that hangs.
Loaded driver info : it's approximately the first driver that loads...
PCI info : on windows, how?
SCSI : i don't have any
Other relevant info : i have the nForce 415D-based ASUS A7N266-C, with audi
but without network card and graphics adapter integrated. maybe THIS is the
bug? I'll point out that i have 4 usb plugs.

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