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SubjectRE: Bootscreen
> - People like themes and this makes the theme madness more
> complete
That a problem? Anyway, when you need to compile something
in order to make a change (or append to something as strange
as an initrd, for that matter), I do not consider this themeing.

> - Some people get nervous, if they see text (esp. slow
> readers for obvious reasons)
Humans like to be in control of things. If something's too fast
for them, or they do not understand it (or even worse: both),
they try to keep away from it. This, I believe, is only superceded
by curiousity. (Which would explain initial interest in things
such as Linux).

> - Other people consider graphics archaic and "uncool"
Seems like here, the need for control is even stronger: When
you understand something, and know it is a mighty tool, you
also wish to control it. On the other hand, you want your
mighty tool to always keep you posted on what it's up to.
(See "The Seven Habits of Seedy Assistants (tm)" for reference).

> The last 2 apply to kids as well.
What do you mean? Gets my attention...

> So there are usability concerns and the boot might be the right
> place to implement that kind bootscreen retainment.
Yup. Not to forget that we like eyecandy.

> Showing the dmesg log buffer on panic or BUG would be a nice
> thing, to retain usability in that case as well.
Maybe. Know how ill-reputed the Windows Bluescreen is? Let's
discuss this a bit...

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