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SubjectRE: AW: Bootscreen
> Right.
> Q: It hangs when booting! Just get to see the cute penguin
> (whatshisnameagain?)
> A: What version of Linux? What exactly did the bird do before hanging?
> his (her?) name is Tux
> Q: Oh, yo mean like $BIG_DISTRO 10.7.3? Yep, Tux winked.
> A. No, the kernel version... [longish explanation deleted]. And exactly
> many times did he wink? Which wings? Did he waddle about? How many
> steps? Did he blink? Did you install wink-blink-boot version 27.3, or
> are you still with the older one?

C'moon! It'd make IT so much more interesting and fun!
Think of all the increased communication skills mankind
would develop through this!

Seriously, *laughs*, I don't think debugging user problems
would escalate into such a scenario. Let me again point out
my proposal:

There is *one* line of boot messages shown. Whenever the
System hangs, you will see the last message. Carefully
designed messages will greatly help, of course.

- Raphael
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