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SubjectThanks (was: Linux - *BSD diff)
Dear all,

I've been receiving quite lots of nice and *warm* and joyful
email for the thread ;-)

Some quite of enlightnment (including your email, Theo, it
gives me lots of enlightment, you surely is a funny guy ;-)

After also lots of google clickings, I think I get the big
picture of it now. And I've also made my decision. For now,
I'm going to stick w/ Linux Kernel. And see how much can I
give in till I give up ;-)

Thanks for all of the answers.
Special thanks for Rik van Riel and Bill Studenmund for your
kind insights and supports :-)

There's a saying in Java-nese (not *that* Java) language:

Mangan ora mangan kumpul.

Which means, Have something to eat or not Have something to
eat, the important thing is to stick together. Forever.

And that's what I felt about Linux Developers... if you know
what I mean :-)

See you.

Best Regards,

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