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SubjectRe: Problem - See attached dmesg dump
Catalin BOIE <> said:
> > > While running make to build xfce3.8.18 I get an internal gcc error
> > > segmentation fault. Also got similar error running rpmdrake. Needless to
> > > say I can't finish the build.
> I get this error too. gcc 3.2.1 seg faults a lot when compiling a kernel.
> Motherboard: gigabyte 7avx (I think) K400.
> Under Windows 2000 (don't ask why, please...) no BSOD.

Segfaults in gcc are usually caused by bad RAM (<>)
or broken fans (CPU mostly). "Win* works fine" is of no consecuence, Linux
works your machine to its limits, Win* doesn't come close; Linux does
complain when something goes wrong, Win* just sweeps the error under the
rug and hopes all goes well.
Dr. Horst H. von Brand User #22616
Departamento de Informatica Fono: +56 32 654431
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria +56 32 654239
Casilla 110-V, Valparaiso, Chile Fax: +56 32 797513
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