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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac5

i seem to keep getting really flaky / cracking sounds with the
Via 686a/8233/8235 audio driver 1.9.1-ac2

any ideas on how i can work out whats going wrong ?
Its an on board sound card from the AOpen MK77 board

Via 686a/8233/8235 audio driver 1.9.1-ac2
via82cxxx: Six channel audio available
PCI: Setting latency timer of device 00:11.5 to 64
ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, id: ADS96 (Analog Devices AD1885)
via82cxxx: board #1 at 0xE000, IRQ 12
via_audio: ignoring drain playback error -11

00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233 AC97
Audio Controller (rev 30)
Subsystem: AOPEN Inc.: Unknown device 006a
Control: I/O+ Mem- BusMaster- SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop- ParErr-
Stepping- SERR- FastB2B-
Status: Cap+ 66Mhz- UDF- FastB2B- ParErr- DEVSEL=medium >TAbort-
<TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR-
Interrupt: pin C routed to IRQ 12
Region 0: I/O ports at e000 [size=256]


On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 15:00, Alan Cox wrote:
> This patch fixes the random oops some peopel saw on 2.4.21pre-ac* before.
> It should also fix highmem I/O and a pile of the minor glitches. I've left
> the more interesting changes out of this patch set so that the stability
> stuff can be dealt with first.
> To minimise changes while verifying the fixes this is against pre3 still.

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