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SubjectRe: Scaring the non-geeks (was Bootscreen)
On Wednesday 29 January 2003 20:38, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 13:19, Richard B. Tilley (Brad) wrote:
> > How do positive terms such as OK or YES scare people?
> Because they contain phrases that are not understood. Sometimes
> they also contain phrases which trigger concerned responses
> even when that isnt appropriate. I've for example been tweaking
> some messages so it is clear that the problem the kernel found
> it also fixed.
> People find the PC boot intimidating (ask PC support people about
> people who call in 'lost in the cosmos' and other such gems). Thats
> why the PC boot has often gone graphical.
> Alan

So now its justified that there SHOULD be such a thing, and it SHOULD be
WITHING THE KERNEL SOURCES because so many people will be using it and
we don't want so many patched kernels do we?
So now that there SHOULD be sucha thing, why not create a few implimentations
of it which actually work well and put them into the sources?
People seem to like MacOS X don't they? With a nice bootscreen, and with the
latest version of kde, won't linux be similiar/better than macOS to the
"click click" type users?

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