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SubjectLKML I/O scheduling (was Re: Bootscreen [had to throw in 2 cents worth, sorry])

--On 29 January 2003 10:31 -0500 Rob Wilkens <> wrote:

[huge snip]

> p.s. I'm hoping this thread is about the possibility of putting some
> sort of graphical bootscreen up. I'm tuning in late, so if I'm on the
> wrong page, just ignore me.

The LKML message I/O scheduling rules suggest that if a fair number of
reads are not processed prior to write activity, then a lot of bandwidth
can be wasted and the medium can eventually become write-only due to
messsage storms. This can be avoided by ensuring writers block to allow
their read activity to progress first - the write should in general be
dependent on the reads in any case. As per Andrew Morton's post on
anticipatory scheduling, a short delay before doing the write to allow
further reads to take place is often a good idea in this context too.

Alex Bligh
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