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    SubjectRe: [RFC] Enhance CPCI Hot Swap driver
    On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Stanley Wang wrote:

    > Hi, Scott,
    > After reading your CPCI Hot Swap support codes, I have a suggestion
    > to enhance it:
    > How about to make it be full hot swap compliant?
    > I mean we could also do some works like "disable_slot" when we receive
    > the #ENUM & EXT signal. Hence the user could yank the hot swap board
    > without issuing command on the console.
    > How do you think about it?

    Since most hardware devices need some form of userspace cleanup before
    they can be removed, the separation of notification and extraction is
    on purpose in the current cPCI hotplug driver. Full Hot Swap compliance
    per the PICMG 2.1 R2.0 specification can be achieved through the use of
    a daemon in userspace that:

    1) detects extract requests, either through the directory notifications
    sent by pci_hp_update_slot_info, or by simple polling of the latch and
    adapter files.
    2) does the desired userspace cleanup.
    3) completes the extraction by writing 0 to the slot's power file.

    For reference, I'm putting the GPL'd userspace daemon I wrote for use in
    our product here at SOMA on our download site at:

    Note that it requires the directory notifications provided by calling
    pci_hp_change_slot_info, so your sysfs patch will keep it from working


    Scott Murray
    SOMA Networks, Inc.
    Toronto, Ontario

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