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    SubjectRe: kexec reboot code buffer
    "Martin J. Bligh" <> writes:

    > >> We talked about creating a new zone specifically for DMA32 (ie <4Gb)
    > >> for other reasons, but it's not there as yet.
    > >
    > > Right. And because of that I don't feel bad about asking for a zone
    > > that ends at 4GB, as it is a fairly general need in the kernel, even
    > > if the rest of the interfaces have a little catching up to do before
    > > the can use it. Although with IOMMUs I don't know how much such a
    > > DMA32 zone is worth.
    > It's probably too late for that sort of thing now in 2.5 though.

    Unless there are balancing issues adding a new zone is very trivial.
    However any code in that direction will be an additional patch so
    because ZONE_NORMAL works for most cases. Alan Cox can have his high
    memory case if he wants it.

    > > I am fine with memory that is not physically contiguous. The memory
    > > I really want the kernel is currently sitting on.....
    > Oh, in that case you should have no problem getting it from ZONE_NORMAL,
    > especially if you can wake up kswapd and wait for a few seconds.

    Nope, kswapd will not free the kernels text segment. So in practice
    I can use anything below 4GB.

    > > The largest I have heard of is currently is 96MB. Typical is
    > Eeek! ;-)

    There is even a distribution built to be run completely out of a ramdisk.

    > > somewhere between 900K and 6MB. You get some interesting
    > > kernel+ramdisk combinations when people are network booting a diskless
    > > system. Theoretically I can accommodate a nearly 4GB image, with the
    > > current code structure.
    > Personnally I don't have a problem setting aside that much space at boot
    > time, but it's probably not a good solution for small boxes.
    > > So the 4GB instead of 960MB limit, and not pesimizing the kernel for
    > > the cases where the new image sits in ram for a while (kexec on panic)
    > > is while I modified my code to use high memory.
    > Maybe IFF you want to suppork kexec on panic, it should be statically
    > reserved at boot time? You don't want to be mucking around in the panic
    > path trying to swap out memory, etc. when your kernel is halfway down
    > the toilet already ... and that has nothing to do with memory placement,
    > it's just a space issue.

    As it currently exists kexec happens in two stages sys_kexec_load that
    scatters the new image through out memory, with some care so that I can
    use memcpy, and some variant of memmove to place the image at it's
    final location in memory. This is where all of the memory allocation

    Then there is sys_reboot(LINUX_REBOOT_CMD_KEXEC), (or a kernel panic)
    which triggers the work. And except for cpu state changes nothing

    > > The nasty case comes with highmemory when I am allocating memory on a
    > > 32GB NUMA box and am allocating memory on the wrong node. In which
    > > case my code needs to allocate 28GB before it starts getting the
    > > memory it wants.
    > Oh, just do alloc_pages_node(0) (works on non NUMA as well, will just
    > fall back). But I can show you a 32Gb SMP box as well ;-) ZONE_NORMAL
    > is probably still easiest, and most general.

    Right it is not hard to do it just takes a little more work.

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