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SubjectRe: two x86_64 fixes for 2.4.21-pre3
Andi Kleen writes:
> > It looks as if %gs handling isn't quite right.
> You are running vanilla 2.4.21pre3, right?
> I just noticed that my big update which has this all fixed went
> only in after pre3.

I got 2.4.21-pre4 which has your x86_64 updates. It works MUCH better.
Still some problems remain:

1. One unknown ioctl is logged from RH8.0 init:

ioctl32(iwconfig:185): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(00008b01){00} arg(ffffda90) on socket:[389]

2. gdb still seems broken. gdb ./sleep [where ./sleep is simply main() calling
nanosleep(), but linked with -lpthread] hangs or loops and takes forever
to respond to ^C.

3. bootsect.S still needs a patch to prevent 'bzdisk' kernels from
disabling the FDC


--- linux-2.4.21-pre4/arch/x86_64/boot/bootsect.S.~1~ 2002-11-30 17:12:24.000000000 +0100
+++ linux-2.4.21-pre4/arch/x86_64/boot/bootsect.S 2003-01-29 16:08:38.000000000 +0100
@@ -395,9 +395,15 @@
# NOTE: Doesn't save %ax or %dx; do it yourself if you need to.

+#if 1
+ xorw %ax, %ax # reset FDC
+ xorb %dl, %dl
+ int $0x13
movw $0x3f2, %dx
xorb %al, %al
outb %al, %dx

sectors: .word 0
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