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Subject3ware error? WTF is this?

Guys, I've got a machine generating all kinds of wierd errors. It
failed 4 out of 8 drives on a 3ware card. A reboot cleared all but 1
up, I've had alot of lag while the card is spitting errors etc. I'm
about to launch this thing into the nearest highway I can find.

This morning I got this:

3w-xxxx: scsi1: PCI Parity Error: clearing.
EXT3-fs error (device md(9,2)): ext3_add_entry: bad entry in directory
#65: rec_len % 4 != 0 - offset=552, inode=93, rec_len=21, name_len=11
3w-xxxx: scsi2: PCI Parity Error: clearing.

Can I get an educated "oh, your card is bad" or "hmm, bad driver maybe?"
or something I can poke with a stick? It's a brand new box with brand
new drives and controllers. It was running great until last week.
Kernel 2.4.19 with 3ware driver 7.5.2 from their web page.


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