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SubjectRe: Bootscreen
> > Most of the machines I maintain are very seldom rebooted, but if someone

> > was to do a reboot, I would want them to be able to observe any errors
> > other abnormal output from the boot-up process.
> Agreed, for standard desktops and servers.
Well, I really don't know about you, but I for one reboot my desktop every
morning. Maybe this is a German attitude, but I generally consider it a
of resources to have my workstation run during the night. For downloads and
the like, I got a headless server which does good power management in the
closet room. Besides, again: everyone [who is not a hacker] likes eyecandy.
I wouldn't normally say that if it wasn't about this discussion.

> There is no reason why the boot data can't go to a secondary display,
> a serial terminal, or a printer, or a speaker as a bleep code, etc.

> In this case, boot data could be sent to a serial port, and the
> graphics card initialised by the boot loader to display a "Please
> wait, set top box booting up" screen, using a scan rate, which would
> be acceptable to the television. In this case, we do not want the
> kernel to change the video card setup at all.
Yes! This is exactly what I want!
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