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SubjectRe: return-type for search_extable()
>>>>> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 15:53:20 +1100, Rusty Russell <> said:

Rusty> Hmm, I actually just tried to do this, and like all typedefs,
Rusty> it's icky. search_exception_table() belongs in kernel.h, not
Rusty> module.h where it is now. But that means kernel.h has to
Rusty> include asm/uaccess.h to get exception_fixup_t.

Yeah, that is a bit ugly.

Rusty> Maybe the cleanest way really is to simply document that your
Rusty> search_extable() returns the fixup word... 8(

It turns out that on Dec 18th laster year, HJ Lu fixed the gas bug
that prevented me from using the place-relative relocations. I ended
up biting the bullet and making the bleeding edge assembler a
pre-requisite for building 2.5.59. I try to avoid that, but in this
case, it was better than the alternatives.

Anyhow, it means that we don't need a separate type anymore for ia64.


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