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Update to the OSDL DCL patch set. 

The OSDL common includes RAS related enhancements, bugfixes, and
latest version of drivers for the OSDL server test machines.
Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) (Karim Yaghmour)
Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD) (Matt Robinson, LKCD team)
Kernel Probes (kprobes) (Rusty Russell)
Megaraid 2 driver (Matt Domsch)
DAC960 driver (Dave Olien)

The goal is to make these projects more robust and resolve potential
overlaps. Also this set keeps up to date with the latest version of
drivers for the disk devices that are present on the OSDL test

The DCL-only patch contains performance and tuning related
enhancements. The goal is to use these for database performance
tuning and give these projects more testing.

. Dac960 error retry (Dave Olien)

. Lost timer tick compensation (John Stultz)
. Improved boot time TSC synchronization (Jim Houston)
. Lockless gettimeofday (Andi Kleen, me)
. Performance monitoring counters for x86 (Mikael Pettersson)

. Bug fix for vmlinux.ld.S (Kai Germaschewski)
. Update to LKCD for multiple schemes (Bharata B Rao)
. Bug fixes for LKCD locking (me)
. Improved i386 fatal event notifiers (me)
. Kprobe using notify_die (me)

. RCU statistics (Dipankar Sarma)
. Scheduler tunables (Robert Love)

The latest release is available in downloadable patches from

or public BitKeeper repositories
Common code: bk://
Common code + CGL: bk://
Common code + DCL: bk://

Getting Involved
If interested in development of DCL, please subscribe to the mailing
list at

Developers are encouraged to send any enhancements or bug fix
patches. Patches should be tested by using the OSDL Scalable Test
Platform (STP) and Patch Lifecycle Manager (PLM) facilities.

Project information:

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