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SubjectRe: Bootscreen
> though i have recently subscribed to this list (OMG, 30 mails/hour!), I've 
> read the whole thread about this bootscreen thing... I see absolutely _no_
> reason why it should not be included in the kernel configuration, since there
> are patches available already to make it work, and there are already soo many
> useless options that adding another won't make a difference...

Many old options are also removed, though.

> I don't think adding the option to the kernel configuration would do any
> harm...exept that the kernel source may get enlarged by (200 kb?), and the
> kernel source gets enlarged every day anyway... 2.5 is HUGE compared to
> 2.2...

That's partly because it's a development tree. There are big efforts
to trim it down as much as possible.

I don't see any real advantage to putting in to the mainstream kernel
something which can be achieved easily with a custom bootloader, and
kernel options.

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