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Subject[offtopic] Just to take something back...
Johan Klockars <>

The above person was kind enough to contact me by e-mail to point out a
correction to a fact that was misstated on this mailing list. I wanted
to make the correction public even though I was not the person to make
the claim (but I went along with it, not knowing any better).

Someone on this list had claimed to me that my "claim to fame" was my
involvement in an operating system known as "VxWorks". Me, not really
knowing any better, nodded and agreed. The reality of the situation is
that I had no involvement in VxWorks, and didn't even really know what
he was talking about. I simply thought that was a marketting name for
the company's product. I never paid attention to brand names, I was on
the technical/engineering end.

Long story short: The real-time UNIX company I had worked for was *not*
windriver which would be the company that is responsible for VxWorks.
The company I had worked for was much lesser known.

[p.s. If you reply, please take off of the
reply, because this is off topic, and besides, I filter mail that has
that in the recipients address and rarely read the list content.]
Robert Wilkens | LPIC Level 1 Certified (Linux)
| A+ Certified (General PC)
robw@ | Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows) | Certified Novell Engineer (Netware)

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