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SubjectHangs with SW RAID5 and 2l.4.21-pre3aa1 patch

Motherboard: Intel SDS2
CPU: P-III 1.4
RAM: 1024MB
IDE Controller: 3Ware 7500-8

I am trying to test S/W Raid5 with 2.4.21-pre3aa1 patch
After making the raidtab and doing 'mkraid' and mount xfs FS on /dev/md1,
it was keeep showing something about 'buffer size changed from 4096 --> 512'
and back and forth and hangs.
After reset, it would not boot due to Raid failure.

After booting with 2.4.20 kernel and remove the raidtab and boot to the
2.4.21-pre3aa1 again and repeat the same, 'mkraid' halts and ps -aux shows
raid5d and raid5syncd is in RW and DW, respectively.

Is it known bug in 2.4.21-pre33aa1 kernel?

Thanks in advance.

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